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SqlServer 2008 new features

Below are some of the SqlServer 2008 new features :

1) Inline variable assignment :
Instead of:
DECLARE @myVar int
SET @myVar = 5

you can do it in one line:
DECLARE @myVar int = 5

2) C# like syntax:
SET @i += 5

3) Auditing :
Sql Server2008 Auditing feature is a superb feature to audit ur changes later, for this SqlServer2008 introduced the automatic auditing feature.

4) Processing of delimited strings:
This is awesome and I have used this feature.
Currently, we pass in delimited strings in the following manner:

exec sp_demoProc ‘Rohit,35;Mayank,31;Rider,27;Lakhan,42’

In 2008, Microsoft introduced Table Value Parameters (TVP).

CREATE TYPE PeepsType AS TABLE (Name varchar(20), Age int)
DECLARE @myPeeps PeepsType
INSERT @myString SELECT ‘Rohit’, 35
INSERT @myString SELECT ‘Mayank’, 31
INSERT @myString SELECT ‘Rider’, 27
INSERT @myString SELECT ‘Lakhan’, 42

exec sp_MySproc2 @myString

5) Intellisense :
This is another great feature of SqlServer2008, now user gets the Intellisense while writing the SPs and Queries just like we get in .Net.


.Net Interview Questions

  • CLR
  • CTS
  • Managed Code
  • Multi Threading
  • MVC
  • WPF vs Windows form
  • abstract class vs Interface
  • Delegates with types
  • Constructor
  • Anamous method
  • Method Extension
  • New features of 3.0 or 3.5 appart from controls and JS Intelligence (wants to know liNQ)
  • Web Services
  • WebServices vs WCF
  • Response.redirect vs Server.transwer
  • Indexes (Clustered and NonClustered)
  • Can Interface have Access Modifiers
  • Access Modifiers
  • WCF
  • String vs String Builder
  • Web.config (all parts)
  • Global.asax (what is use)
  • Remoting vs WebServices (When to use which one)
  • What Authentications you used in your project
  • Authentication types.
  • Types of Validators

Some more Questions:

  • Can we overload methods in WCF Service or Web Service?
    Yes for a WCF Service use the Name property of OperationContractAttribute class
    interface ddd
    [OperationContract(Name = “one”)]
    int calc(int a,int b);
    [OperationContract(Name = “two”)]
    double calc(double a,double b);

    1)For a Web Service use the MessageName property of WebMethodAttribute class

    public string HelloWorld(string a) {
    return “Hello”+” “+a;
    public string HelloWorld()
    return “Hello second”;

  • What is Window service
  • Diffrence b/w window service & .exe
  • what is entery point of window sercvice
  • Diff b/w Abstract Class & Interface
  • What is LINQ, which namespace is use for LINQ
  • what is purpose of isPOstback
  • What is DataContract
  • What is Interface with example
  • What are diffrent methods used for data retrival in ADO.net
  • INdexes in detail (cluster & non cluster)
  • why triggers are used
  • how WCF architecture works
  • diffrence b/w web service & WCF
  • is there anyway by which I can use ASP.net application variable like session in webservice & how
  • what are design Patterns
  • What is Ajax & full form of AJAX
  • How Ajax works
  • What is Asynchronous & synchronous Call
  • how can u detect Browser in Javascript (navigator.appCodeName)
  • how can you validate that a number in Javascript (isNan)
  • What is the basic diffrence in style=Disaply:none & Visibility=”Hidden”
  • What is Design Patterns?
  • What is Delegate?
  • What is Event
  • What is return type of Event
  • If I decalerd a Event with Private access modifier what will happen
  • what are application variables
  • what is diffrence between cookie var & cache variable
  • What is use of ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock
  • What are main features included in .net 3.5 framework.
  • how can you redirect a user to diffrent page through Javascript
  • what is diffence b/w string & string builder
  • Is ajax work if Javascript is disable on browser level
  • what is WSDL?
  • what is DTD (this quest is in context of XML)

Some more Questions:

  • What is WCF Throttling
  • Execution process of .net Console Application
  • Can we use multiple protocols in WCF Service.

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